Canfield Custom Builings - Testimonials

   "Our Passion is Building Yours"

JoAnn & Tim, Owners - Waukesha County Appliance Store - North Prairie, WI

Tell me about yourself and your building
My husband, Tim opened Waukesha Appliance in 1992 after working for his brother for a number of years. In 2001, he moved the store from Moreland Plaza Shopping Center to the Fox Run shopping center. After four years, we sold the business. Then, in April 2006, we opened Waukesha County Appliance in a leased show room. It didn’t take long to realize that we could better serve our customers in a space specifically designed to meet our needs. We were excited to open the doors of our own show room in March 2008, where we enjoy the extra room for the presentation of full kitchen displays, and the added natural light from the strategically placed windows.

What was the building process like?

Obviously we enjoyed it. We took pictures every day as we watched a hole in the ground change and grow, and take shape, into our store. Getting a sense of how it translated from a plan on paper to seeing how big it was in person was exciting. You just don't know what 9,000 square feet is until you get to see it in person and see what it really is.

How has the building helped your business?

Specific to our industry (home appliances), what's so nice about the building is that our space allows us a huge display area. Now our customers can see enough of the options that they don't feel the need to go to any of our competitors to see the displays. Also, we get comments from vendor representatives that we have one of the nicest appliance stores they've seen nationwide which makes us feel really proud and happy that we can give that experience to our customers.

What impressed you about Canfield Construction?

They were prompt, willing to converse with us, and kept us up-to-date on the process. The job site was kept really clean and they respected our property in ways contractors for other people didn't. You hear these nightmare stories from people stressed out with their contractors; however we had a very pleasant experience with Canfield.

Bill Wilke -Owner, Wilke's Auto Service - Wales, WI

Tell me about yourself and your building
I've dealt with cars all my life, I own a towing and service company, and I wanted a shop of my own so I could work on my own cars in my own backyard. I'd been thinking about it for a couple of years and it was Thanksgiving Day we decided I'd put a building up. I had a barn on the property that the previous owner kept horses in, but it just wasn't condusive to car work. So we had that taken down and the new one put up. I never dreamed it would be as nice as it is. Originally I wasn't planning on heating it, but it was so nice I wanted to work out there in the winter time so I had it insulated and heated.

How did you decide to go with Canfield Construction?

I'd heard of nothing but good things about Canfield from people I knew so I didn't get bids from anybody else. I told Bill Canfield what I wanted, he told me how much it was, I said fine put it up.

What was the building process like?

Bill suggested what he would do and we knew what we'd like. So we decided on a building on the same footprint as the old barn. He asked us where we wanted the windows and doors, the ceiling height, he calculated all that and came back with a drawing of what it would look like and we said that's what we want, where do we sign. I was more than satisfied when the workers were here. At the end of the night the place was spotless. There was no trash left around, there was no debris, and this was every day. It was the fact that everything was clean and nice that impressed me the most.

What do you like the most about your building?

It's nice to be able to park my towing truck in a warm garage during winter and everything melts off. In my shop at work, my trucks don't fit, so I can do work on my trucks if I need to and I have room for my own cars.

Cindy - Horse Owner - Town of Vernon, WI

Our Experience Building with Canfield Builders
My husband is NOT a horse person! Although this was a joint effort, I was going to be in charge of dealing with the owner, foreman and crew once the contract was signed. I was very intimidated at first, until I met Bill Canfield. He wasn't pushy and worked within our budget. He had suggestions and tips that we appreciated while designing the barn.

Once the building process started, I would greet the workers in the morning with a list of questions or concerns that I had. I needed to feel part of what was going on. The workmen were wonderful. They always took their time with me and never made me feel like I was intruding on their work or asking stupid questions. The workers take a lot of pride in their work, every detail of my barn is perfect. People are constantly complimenting us on the beautiful building. My husband was impressed by the level of attention to detail that is evident both inside and out. All the posts were notched to accommodate the supports and rafters. Every support block has a mate on the other side of the structure. As a result, we have a very solid, wind and weather proof barn that is a delight to be in.

I had such a wonderful experience dealing with Bill Canfield and his employees that they feel like OLD friends! My family and I couldn't be happier with the barn and the entire building experience and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Canfield Builders to anyone looking to build a quality building!